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I am currently a FONDECYT Fellow at the Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile, working in the Complex Stellar Populations group led by Thomas Puzia. I am part of the Next Generation Fornax Survey (NGFS), and am working on the spectroscopic follow-up of the nucleated dwarfs in the Fornax Cluster. I have been using my code, BUDDI (Bulge-Disc Decomposition of IFU data), to cleanly isolate the spectra of the nuclei from the host galaxies, which will allow us to determine how these two structures formed and thus how the galaxy has evolved. I'm now moving on to study the stellar populations across the whole of the dwarf galaxies to better understand how they build up their masses. More information can be found on my research page.

Previously, I was an ESO fellow in Santiago, Chile, with duties at Paranal. My research focussed on the formation and evolution of S0 galaxies and how they transform from spirals. For my Paranal duties, I was the MUSE fellow, and I worked as a night astronomer on UT4 (MUSE, SINFONI and HAWKI), with occasional duties on UT1 (FORS, KMOS and NACO) and as day astronomer.

I completed my PhD and a short STEP postdoctoral fellowship in the Astronomy group at the University of Nottingham in the UK. The main focus of my work was understanding the transformation of spirals to S0s, for which I developed several techniques to spectroscopically separate the light from different components. This is still a research area I'm active in when I'm not working on dwarf galaxies.

Prior to that, I carried out my undergraduate and Masters degree at the University of Sheffield in the UK, which included spending one year at the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes in La Palma. I was there as part of their studentship program, where I worked as a support astronomer for the Isaac Newton Telescope.

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